Search Engine Marketing, Inc. addresses every issue you are likely to encounter, while helping you implement timeless strategies for delivering superior long-term results.

Written by Mike Moran and Bill Hunt specifically to help those accepting the challenge of developing a search marketing program for their organization.  This book will help you with developing an effective program for your organization.

Whether you’re a marketing, Web, or IT professional, product manager, or content specialist, Search Engine Marketing, Inc. Second Edition will help you define your SEO/SEM goals, create a best-practices program for achieving them, and implement it flawlessly.

You learn how to:

  • Identify and leverage new search engine marketing opportunities arising from social media
  • Align search engine marketing with your company’s evolving strategic and tactical goals
  • Implement programs that drive sustainable improvements, not counterproductive quick fixes
  • Systematically optimize your existing Web site search programs
  • Manage the unique marketing challenges associated with large sites
  • Create monthly scorecards and use them to drive improvement
  • Provide effective guidance to content developers and designers in language they’ll understand
  • Automate checking and reporting for every page on your site
  • Choose effective target keywords, optimize your content, and attract links
  • Make the most of Google, Yahoo!, Live Search, and the latest specialized and local search tools
  • Measure site-wide success rates across multiple systems and technologies
  • Hire the right SEO consultant, and avoid the wrong ones

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