Reviews for the Third Edition

If you’re the kind of person who prefers to work through a physical book, this could well be for you. It’s well-written with lots of practical examples that you can work through; not only focused on organic search, but also the paid side.

Although it can only be up to date the day it heads to the printers, the fundamentals of search engine marketing don’t change dramatically overnight and most of the book will probably still be relevant in a year’s time. (Complete Review)

–Phil Szomszor
The Red Rocket

That’s what I like about this book, Mike and Bill talk about the need to consider not just the technical side of SEO, but aspects such as search intent and understand buyer behaviour. Subjects which are (still) overlooked by many search marketers targeting keywords with the highest search volumes.

If you are new to Search marketing this book provides a comprehensive overview of the subject, written with great clarity. Even as an experienced SEO practitioner I enjoyed reading this book. (Complete Review)

–Sandeep Vadgama
Fourth Source

The book comes in at a meaty 500 pages, but it scarcely wastes a word while using a conversational tone to take readers through everything they need to know about search engine marketing from how search engines behave to how to execute to meet your goals. (Complete Review)

–Brian Conlin

If you’re just starting out with search engine marketing, you’ll appreciate the easy, conversational style and clear explanations Hunt and Moran offer, laying out a straightforward, yet scalable framework you can apply to your marketing activities. At the same time, those of you who’ve been around the block a time or two will find new insights into how to increase the value of your search marketing efforts for your business. (Complete Review)

–Tim Peter
Tim Peter & Associates