Chapter 8 of our book recommends ways to improve your landing pages for paid and organic search. The following are a list of tools that will score various attributes of not only the site but of a specific page. These tools range from complex installed software to SaaS applications to plugins, but all will evaluate your pages for on-page search ranking factors.

We suggest that you review a number of these tools to decide which one most closely matches your approach to SEO. None of these tools contain a magic formula that will vault you to the top, but they do make short work of detecting the most common issues on a page.

Tool Keyword Placement Ranking Factors Meta Data Compares Schema Platform Cost Review
Bruce Clay’s SEO Tool Set Y Y Y Multiple N Web $29/mo & up N/A
Microsoft SEO Toolkit Y Y Y Single N Desktop/Win Free N/A
Moz On-Page Grader Y Y Y Single N Web $99/mo & up N/A
Ranks NL Y Y Y Single N Web $49.00/mo & up N/A
Raven SEO Grader Y Y Y Multiple N Web $99.00/mo & up N/A
Screaming Frog Y Y Y Single N Desktop/Mac/Win/Linux £99.00/yr N/A
WebCEO Y Y Y Multiple N Web/Desktop $69.00/mo & up $499 desktop N/A

Note: The content analysis function is often part of a larger suite of tools. In most cases, the pricing noted is for the suite. Also, the Enterprise Tools are excluded from this list due to their expansive functionality and pricing.