Google finally took their Bid Simulator tool out of Beta.

Google now allows advertisers to simulate what ?could have happened? scenarios against their campaigns.? It helps answer the big question, ?if we raised our CPC would it have driven more traffic?? ? they do this by looking at your actual performance data like Quality Score, clicks, cost per click etc and factoring those variables into determining what could have happened.

The good news is that this ?hindsight? view will offer a lens into the tradeoffs necessary by advertisers to make better judgments on which keywords make adjustments too and what are the outcomes to and make them work harder by raising or lowering max CPC.


This new tool offers more transparency into the actual AdWords functionality by giving you a better understanding of the cause and effect of your optimization decisions and a better understating of how auctions work.

The Bid Simulator does not work for all keywords.

1.?? ?The keyword must have been running for the past 7 days
2.?? ?The keywords cannot be part of day-parting of geo targeting
3.?? ?The volume of searches must have enough volume to be statistically viable

I strongly recommend that you go out and play with this tool and start answering to burning ?what if? questions and leverage the data to integrate into better optimization.

For more information, view the bid simulator video, the AdWords blog post and Google?s help center.