Chapter 10 of our book reviews the problem of click fraud and lists some of the steps to monitor and prevent it. Since it is not possible for you to monitor every click and transaction, the paid search programs (such as Google AdWords) monitor for click fraud but most PPC Ad Management tools try to do even more.

Better yet are tools specifically designed to combat click fraud, which we list below. These tools can be especially helpful to build a case to present to the search engines for a credit to offset the fraud that the search engines did not detect.

Tool Real Time Tracking IP Blocking Alerts Code Type Cost Review
ClickCease Y Y Y Hosted $15.00/mo & up N/A
Ad Watcher Y Y Y Hosted/Server $29.95/mo & up N/A
Click Report Y Y Y Hosted $29.99/mo N/A


Real Time Tracking. Do they monitor every click 24/7?

IP Blocking. If a pattern is detected from a specific IP, can the software block traffic from that IP? (Some tools and search engine interfaces with registered IPs will allow traffic but will not show ads.)

Alerts. Does it email you an alert when fraud of a specific level or duration is detected?

Code Type. How is the code introduced to the site? On their own hosted platform or on your server?