Competitive keyword tools reveal which keywords are being used by your competitors in their advertising campaigns, whether they be Google AdWords, Bing/Microsoft Adcenter, Yahoo Search Marketing, or others. All the tools we found, with the exception of Keyword Competing, is a superset of many addition intelligence functions and reports. We will focus here only on the competitive keyword functions of each of the tools below – in alphabetical order.

Company Volume PPC Ads Organic Organic Rank Domain Cost Review
Keyword Eye Y Y N Y Y Multiple £9.95/mo & up N/A
Keyword Spy Y Y Y Y Y Multiple $89.95/mo & up N/A
SEM Rush Y Y Y Y Y Multiple $79.95/mo & up N/A
Spyfu Y Y Y Y Y US/UK $79.00/mo & up N/A


Volume: Provides information on the number of searches for each keyword
PPC:- Lists paid search campaign keywords
Ads: Displays the copy of paid search ads
Organic: Lists keywords from organic search (SEO)
Organic Rank: Displays the average rank for organic search results
Domain: Finds keywords by domain
Cost : The price ranges of the tool