For the search marketer, Google is still the 800-pound gorilla of the industry. You cannot ignore Google in your search strategy for organic or paid campaigns. But Google is not the only search engine in town. Google is the most popular search engine in the world, but you must include other search engines in your plan to maximize the benefits of search marketing.

Remembering that Google does not dominate in other countries, a marketer must understand market share on a per country basis. As a marketer, you need to know which are the top search engines in your targeted country, and plan for a mix.

Market Share by Country

In local markets your campaigns should be conducted in a specific language and will drive people to web pages in that language. You need to know which search engines are being used by people speaking those languages so that you know which search engines to check for organic search rankings and traffic, and which paid search engines to place ads with.

Not every country is represented on the list below. We selected countries with search engines other than Google or with some other unique attributes. If you are interested in a specific market’s data you can view Net Market Share or Statista, both of which have aggregated data in multiple country markets.


Brazil has a rapidly growing Internet population that primarily uses Google as their search engine:

  1. Google: 96.7%
  2. Yahoo: 1.2%
  3. Bing: 1.1%
  4. Ask: 0.44%
  5. My Search Dial: 0.1%

Source: Statista Popular Search Engines in Brazil May 2014


Baidu has the top market share in China, with others trailing far behind:

  1. Baidu: 71.35%
  2. 360 Search: 13.28%
  3. Sogou: 12.37%
  4. Others: 3.00%

Source: SEO Shifu Top Chinese Search Engines of October 2015


France is dominated by Google but also is one of the larger Bing markets outside of the US, with a few smaller local search engines.

  1. Google 93.5%
  2. Yahoo! 2.6%
  3. Bing 2.4%
  4. Orange .4%
  5. Ask .3%

Source: atinternet in December 2014


Korea is an interesting market, in that Google only has a fraction of the search market that is dominated by Naver, with a decent share from Daum.

  1. Naver 73.62%
  2. Daum 18%
  3. Google 2.5%
  4. Nate 2.14%
  5. Zum 0.37%

Source: Neilson Korean Click May 2013 via Korea Joong Ang Daily News


Yandex is used throughout the Russian-speaking markets of the world. It is also being used in other markets, such as Turkey.

  1. Yandex 54%
  2. Google 34%
  3. Search 9%
  4. Rambler 1%
  5. Bing 1%
  6. Others 1%

Source: Smart Insights Digital Marketing in Russia 2015

United Kingdom

Bing has a very strong showing in the UK, but Google still takes two out of three searches:

  1. Google: 67.3%
  2. Microsoft/Bing: 19.3%
  3. Yahoo!: 10.0%
  4. Ask: 2.0%
  5. AOL: 1.3%

Source: Statista UK Search Market Share October 2014

United States

The US is one of the largest markets and has a fair bit of diversity with the engines. Google is still a dominant player but a key consideration is the browsers and their search engine preferences for search. Internet Explorer defaults to Bing and now Firefox defaults to Yahoo!, which might change its share until users learn how to change to another search engine:

  1. Google: 67.3%
  2. Microsoft: 19.3%
  3. Yahoo!: 10.0%
  4. Ask: 2.0%
  5. AOL: 1.3%

Source: Comscore US Search Market Share

Global Market Share

Net Market Share’s November 2014 aggregated data shows Google being the dominant search engine globally:

Search Engine Market Share
Google 53.74%
Baidu 31.32%
Bing 10.81%
Yahoo! 3.52%
AOL 0.15%
Ask 0.07%
Other 0.39%

Source: Net Market Share Global Search Engine Usage