Enterprise SEO Automation and Management Tools

[in Alphabetical order]


BrightEdge has been around a while and is one of the leading Enterprise SEO Automation tools.   Has API connections into most key analytics tools to allow for more reliable ROI modeling without using custom tracking tags.

Key Features:

  • Easy to use and navigate user interface and report generation features
  • Page level auditing and comparison to top 10 in Google for same phrase to understand “why”
  • Keyword clustering into groups and segments by BU and sub-segments to direct owners to their content easily and manage large volumes of keywords
  • Easy to see alternative words ranking on same page to not hurt performance for other keywords


Conductor started as a link-building tool and company and has evolved into a large scale SEO Automation and Content Discovery platform.  This is a rock solid tool for managing at scale with a solid recommendation engine for auditing. Integrated into the tool is a level of workflow management other tools don’t have.

Key Features:

  • Unlimited user accounts that allows for scale and utilization
  • Page level auditing for each keyword phrase and page
  • Integrated inbound link information and tracking
  • Robust competitive performance monitoring by keywords


RioSEO offers what they call a “Marketing Action Platform,” which allows the enterprise to integrate multiple sets of data across marketing activities from PPC, SEO, and Social Media–and to integrate them into a central location to help show more effective attribution. Rio SEO evolved out of Covario, which was the first in this category and has a long track record for the SEO Automation with a large number of clients. The suite is very powerful and allows for any level of scale.

Key Features:

  • Monitors large scale SEO programs and develops easy to follow scorecards
  • Dynamic page level auditing and recommendations for all keywords
  • Basic co-optimization functionality if you are using both PPC and SEO tools
  • Exportable and web interfaces make it easy to share work with teams
  • Provides detailed analysis of local search performance
  • Integrating SEO, PPC and Social Media into singular tool allows for measuring attribution and collaboration of these programs

Search Metrics

Search Metrics has been developed from a diagnostics perspective to manage multiple domain variations and keyword sets.  Based on their models, they put out one of the most definitive ranking factors research papers available.  Focused more on reporting performance on a number of different categories. Does domain and page level audits to identify issues and score the pages for easy update.

Key Features:

  • Collects and shows blended search results from video, news and paid search
  • Keyword and page level data on performance and ROI
  • Integrates with common analytics tools
  • Built to score easily across multiple countries and languages