There are a number of key benefits to using HREFLang XML site maps including augmenting current XML files, minimizing duplicate content issues and most importantly ensure the best page for local markets is showing in the search results.   Benefit #1 – HREF Page References Not Cluttering Pages The original specification for the HREF required sites to add each alternative page references in the page.  For a large site this could be over a hundreds lines of code added to the page.

The following list includes the most popular tools used to develop HREFLang XML Site Maps

Tool Name Description Price
HREFLang Builder This is an industrial strength Enterprise level HREFLang Builder.  This tool is designed for larger sites and more complex HREFLang Needs. $49+
HREFLang Tool A free online tool to create XML Sitemap using CSV file uploads.  This tool is perfect if you have a smaller site and exact matching pages on each version. Free
Acronym’s HREF Tool A robust XML Site Map builder that you download to your local computer.  It works on a Search and Replace method to create the different country versions and then matches them.  It requires Windows 🙁 Free
HREF Tags Generator This tool does not create XML Site Maps but does help you create the code snippets for your individual pages.  If you prefer to have the HREFLang tag in the page and have a smaller site this is for you. Free