Many large companies use search marketing agencies that handle both paid and organic search campaigns. Some of the best-known agencies are:

  • 360i. Starting as a search agency, 360i is now one of the larger full-service digital marketing agencies, based in New York City.
  • iCrossing. Like 360i, iCrossing began as a search marketing agency, but now covers all areas of digital marketing.
  • Performics. Acquired by DoubleClick in 2004, Performics is well known for its ability to integrate reporting with tags used by DoubleClick for banner advertising.
  • iProspect. One of the oldest names in organic search agencies, iProspect has added paid search and explanded over the years, including its acquisition of Covario, another leading search agency.
  • Merkle | IMPAQT. Owned by Merkle, the large customer relationship marketing company, Impaqt is one of the larger paid search agenecies.
  • Merkle | RKG. Another Merkle company, Rimm-Kaufman Group started as a paid search agency but has added organic capabilities over the years. Still well-known for its expertise in eCommerce, but has branched out into other industries also.
  • Did-it. The co-founder of Did-it, Kevin Lee, is one of the pioneers in paid placement search marketing. He’s built a full-service paid search management offering based on customizable technology that uses proven strategies and metrics to optimize your campaigns.
  • 3Q Digital. Referring to themselves as a “holistic Search Marketing Agency” they work to bring together the synergies of paid and organic search into a single ecosystem. Now owned by Harte Hanks, the large customer relationship marketing firm.
  • Page Zero Media. From its roots as a leading paid search agency founded by industry luminary Andrew Goodman, Page Zero Media has added organic search and social media services to its longstanding paid search work.

Many other great paid search agencies are out there, but this at least gives you some strong companies to start with.