If you engage in paid search advertising, chances are you advertise on Google and Bing. That makes sense, because they comprise over 95% of the market in the US, and sometimes just as much in other countries. But, depending on the countries you market in, you might consider other paid search engines, also:

  • Baidu. If you market in China, Baidu is a must, because it is the leading search engine in that country.
  • Yandex. Russia’s leading search engine is a no-brainer if you market in that country, and also has significant share in some other former Soviet bloc countries.
  • Yahoo. Until recently, Bing presented the great majority of ads in Yahoo Search, but a recent change in the Microsoft-Yahoo deal allows Yahoo to sell its own ads in many situations, so search marketers need to consider using Yahoo ads in addition to Bing and Google.
  • 7search. Especially if you market to the financial services industry, 7search offers paid search opportunities that some companies find profitable.
  • Superpages. A long-time Online Yellow Pages (OYP) vendor, Superpages offers many types of advertising opportunities, including PPC.
  • Looksmart. A longtime paid search vendor (founded in 1997), Looksmart continues to serve paid search ads and some advertisers continue to find return on their investments.
  • Brain-box Digital. If you advertise in Europe, Brain-box Digital syndicates paid search ads to Yahoo and other search engines.

If you are looking to maximize your paid search results, you should experiment with some of these search engines to see if they work for you.