Review: Trellian’s Keyword Discovery

For many search marketers, Trellian’s Keyword Discovery tool ( is the keyword tool of choice.

Trellian’s free tool allows you to enter any set of keywords (with a limit of ten per query) and the most popular ¬variations of those keywords are displayed, along with monthly counts. The free tool limits you to using the tool 100 times per day, but search marketers looking to estimate keyword demand with a free tool can’t go wrong with Trellian’s offering. The only real drawback to Trellian’s free tool is that even though it reveals real numbers for its keyword demand (unlike the bar charts of others), there’s no way to understand how to use the numbers in any calculations. For that, you’ll need to pay.

So, as exciting as Trellian’s free tool is, its premium offerings really shine. When you open your wallet for the premium versions of Keyword Discovery, you’ll discover the strongest competitor to Wordtracker among all keyword tools. Keyword Discovery takes a different approach from Wordtracker, which uses metasearch engines for its data. Keyword Discovery uses ¬historical data from 32 billion searches from 180 search engines from around the world, sometimes employing search logs provided directly by the engines, but often “sampling” the referral logs of sites receiving traffic from search engines. It’s not known exactly what sites are being sampled, so some bias in the sample is possible here. Still, none of the other vendors claim to include Google and Yahoo! in their analysis—Trellian does.

Like Wordtracker, Keyword Discovery offers a list of keywords related to the one you’ve entered, including counts and KEI analysis of each keyword. Unlike other tools, Keyword Discovery provides suggestions for misspelled keywords related to yours, and offers 12 months of data that allows you to see seasonal trends. Keyword Discovery can also automatically calculate true keyword demand with just a press of the button. It’s hard to judge the value of the data when it’s unknown where it comes from, but Keyword Discovery does offer new features you can’t get anywhere else.

In addition to the free version, Trellian offers two versions, a standard edition (limited to 1,000 results per keyword) and an enterprise edition (offering up to 10,000 keyword results). Both editions are offered with monthly or yearly pricing starting at $600 annually.