As you start to gather large quantities of keywords and searcher demand data, you will need a quick way to cluster them into niches. You will also want to separate them into ad groups to ensure they match the ad copy they are associated with.  The team from Wordstream has developed a powerful tool that companies and agencies alike should be using to increase the effectiveness and efficiencies of their keywords research and ongoing management.

The tool set offers the following key features:

  • Integrates keyword data from multiple sources such as log files, analytics tools and current paid search campaigns that will allow you to get a more comprehensive view into your keyword universe.
  • The Keyword Organization Tool allows you to easily organize large groups of keyword phrases into tighter, more relevant keyword groups in just a few clicks then associate them to specific ad groups.
  • Negative keyword management function allows you to easily see the variations of keyword and click those you want excluded from your campaigns resulting in increased savings.
  • PPC Workflow management function helps you focus on the most important set of words and groups based on either the number of keywords or overall traffic frequency, thus ensuring that you are always focusing on the biggest opportunities.

They offer a free version of their tool for you to do quick keyword research as well as a more advanced professional solutions starting at $300 per month.